Get to Know Some of the Artists Behind the Gifts

DEMDACO is an artist-driven brand, which means that we partner with creative, passionate people who express themselves through a wide-range of styles and mediums. We work with more than 100 artists—each gifted in their own, imaginative way. Their creations are chosen because they touch our emotions and are consistent with our mission: to Lift the Spirit in consumers, in each other, and in our communities — during times of celebration, when comfort is needed, or just to put a smile on someone’s face.

This isn’t a new way of doing things at DEMDACO. We’ve developed lasting and meaningful relations with artists that span years—some dating back to when the company was founded more than 20 years ago—and we continue to discover new talent all the time.

From time-to-time, we’ll highlight some of the artists we work with and the gifts they create. Here are brief profiles on five of them and examples of their work.

Sharon Nowlan

Sharon Nowlan is from Pictou, an old seaside town in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she grew up drawing, painting and creating in a variety of media. The spirit of Pictou’s diverse landscapes and welcoming residents flows through her serene work — a mix of items found in nature and other materials carefully arranged into uplifting designs that celebrate meaningful relationships and special places.

In October 2017, DEMDACO introduced the Sharon Nowlan Collection of distinctive pebble artwork. Those early creations began as a handful of small, smooth rocks Sharon’s son found on a beach. Inspired by their unique natural beauty and texture, they were soon given new life as sea-softened, emotional depictions of grandparents and children. Her exploration of this distinctive style has evolved over time to portray a wide-range of subjects and incorporate different materials.

A Place to Call Home Wall Art

A Place to Call Home Wall Art

The simple house in this piece sits securely under a strong, sheltering tree, depicting the sense of safety in these familiar environments. “A Place to Call Home” conveys a deep emotional attachment we feel for the special places that make us feel like we belong. A perfect housewarming gift, or piece of art to warm any family space.

Once Upon a Pebble

Once Upon a Pebble Wall Art

Small, whimsical, pale blue birds share a moment alone against a serene, white background. “Once Upon a Pebble” is a tranquil representation of spending time with a special person in a peaceful place.

Susan Lordi

Artist Susan Lordi created Willow Tree® , her line of figurative sculpture, as a way to communicate beyond words. Her intricate carved and hand-painted pieces indeed say a lot with subtle details and a soothing color palette. The simplicity of form and absence of facial features signify Willow Tree. Through beautiful, gestural expression, Willow Tree figures reflect our personal relationships, and remind us of the emotions that bring us together.

Susan had been making one-of-a-kind abstract textile art pieces when DEMDACO co-founder Dave Kiersznowski approached her with a request to create a figurative sculpture line. She began with a sampling of pieces, which included small angels and the six-piece Nativity. As the top-selling Willow Tree line approaches its 20th anniversary, it’s interesting to note that several of the original pieces introduced in 2000 are still consistent top sellers.

Everyday Blessings

Everyday Blessings

“I was thinking about making art that reflects the natural beauty all around us—that causes us to change our mood or lift our spirits… For me, beauty found in nature has this transformative power. This figure presents the many small miracles happening all around us. Her open arms are a historical and universal gesture of blessing, both welcoming and inclusive. Her carvings, dotted with gold, of plants, flowers, birds, butterflies, the cycle of seasons, are the everyday earthly blessings that enrich our lives immeasurably. Everyday Blessings could be a gift to celebrate friendship, a love of nature, or be a welcoming presence in the home. She could be placed in the Nativity as an angel, offering her precious gifts, or stand alone as a unique holiday piece.” —Susan Lordi

Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser’s distinctively-vibrant watercolor artwork adds the beauty of nature to a wide-variety of DEMDACO accent décor, brightening homes and gatherings for nearly any occasion. Items in his collection include unique art pieces, keepsakes and serving ware, featuring lively natural scenes, wildlife, floral and songbird motifs.

We know Dean Crouser as the imaginative artist behind popular mugs, lamps, vases and wall art—all vividly adorned with his paintings. A true master of watercolor and making everyday objects stunningly full of life, Dean is also known as a star of track and field—he was a three-time NCAA champion and still holds school records in discus and shot put at the University of Oregon, where he is in the school’s Hall of Fame. 

Herb Planter Set

Herb Planter Set

This windowsill garden set is crafted from sustainable bamboo fiber composites, featuring Dean Crouser’s stunning watercolors. A set of three white planters gorgeously decorated different herbs. Set of three 3.75″ pots, plus one drip tray. A perfect gift for the nature-lover in your life. Fresh and serene reminders of the beauty of life that are great to have around the home or office.

Kelly Rae Roberts

In 2008, Kelly Rae Roberts was a medical social worker with a thriving Etsy shop on the side, where her deeply inspiring mixed-media artwork was on display and in-demand. She didn’t begin exploring the urge to make art until she was in her twenties, but the audience for her colorful, lighthearted creations grew to include members of DEMDACO’s Product Development team, who contacted Kelly about licensing some of her work.

In the more than 10 years since Kelly joined DEMDACO’s community of artists, the relationship has grown as her signature works of vibrant, mixed-media paired with soulful sentiment are translated onto home accents, fashion and jewelry, sweet baby gifts and more.

Dear Daughter Figurine

Daughter Figurine

These top-selling Figurines celebrate self-worth and meaningful relationships. Uniquely intimate touches represented in the details make each piece feel special and personable. A great gift for celebrating life’s milestones, or a meaningful treat for yourself. A daughter is a special blessing and this piece celebrates the joy a little girl can bring to a family. Beautiful design brings it all to life with a one-of-a-kind personality.

Possibility Wall Art

Possibility Wall Art

Provide inspiration and brighten up any room or table with artwork from The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection. Kelly has developed a style of layered, mixed media designs that truly Lift the Spirit. Her pieces combine warm, bright colors and heartfelt sentiments to create moving artwork that expresses intimate feelings and emotions. A uniquely loving and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Lori Siebert

Lori Siebert won a ribbon for painting in a local fair when she was only seven. Since then, art has been an integral part of her life.

Lori is constantly experimenting with new ways to create her signature artwork. Finding inspiration from her kids’ drawings, an old quilt, or an off-beat piece of folk-art, her insatiable curiosity, a whimsical design sense and fresh approach to color and sentiment, give each collection its own unique personality.

Her DEMDACO contributions are diverse and span a breadth of collections. The common thread through most of her DEMDACO work includes the use of text to convey deeply sentimental and inspiring messages. In recent years, becoming a grandmother has influenced some of her most-popular work, such as the Poetic Threads Bear—a soft friend for children featuring heartfelt expressions that read like sweet notes from loved ones.

Home is Comfort Wall Art

Home is Comfort Wall Art

Lori Seibert’s Poetic Threads Home collection features heartfelt word art offering cozy comfort, through messaging that speaks directly to the heart. Light, neutral color palettes complement any home decor aesthetic or are perfect gifts for loved ones and friends, honoring special occasions and relationships. This wall art includes the sentiment “Home is comfort…like being lovingly wrapped in a snuggly warm blanket of laughter, nourishment and precious memories. Our hearts live there always.”

Poetic Threads Bear

Poetic Threads Bear

The Poetic Threads Baby collection by Lori Seibert’s consists of word art messaging which reminds a child they are loved and cherished. This ivory-colored teddy bear features the message “Bless you precious child. Sweet little one, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Welcome to the World! You are an amazing gift from God you are deeply loved forever and ever. xoxo” on its front. This sentimental bear makes a perfect accent to any nursery as a reminder of the love for a little one.