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Why do you need my birthdate?

This information is used to verify your age.​

Can we only watch Videos on the device used to Register the PIN Code?

No. You can register up to 3 devices per PIN Code. Only 1 email address is used to Register your Ornament, but a total of 3 devices can be used to watch Videos. Old devices can be removed once you have reach your device limit​

Where can I find the Santa’s Kindness Ornament in Canada, Europe, UK, etc.?

At this time, the Ornament is only sold in the USA.​

Coverage hours

During the month of November you can reach Santa’s Helpers, Monday through Friday from Mon - Fri, 8am - 8pm CT & Sat - Sun, 10am - 6pm CT. In the month of December our Helpers will be available from Mon - Fri, 8am - 8pm CT & Sat - Sun, 10am - 6pm Central Time, 7 days a week. You can contact us via phone 855-223-5692 or email at​

Can the videos be translated into another language?

No, not at this time.​

Can children create an account?

No, children are not permitted to create an account or enter their personal information. An adult needs to set-up the account in order to use the ornament.​

Why is registration required?

The registration by an adult allows kids to have a safe online experience by delivering secure messages from Santa.​

Why are messages not playing on my device?

Ensure that you have followed the registration process. Also turn on your browser’s ‘cookies’ so that you receive all messages in order.

What is a SAFE SCAN PIN code?

A Safe Scan PIN is a 7-digit alpha-numeric code on the back of your ornament. Keep this with the ornament for future use. If your PIN looks like it contains a letter “O” in it, it could actually be the number ZERO (0), or letter “I” in it, it could actually be the number ONE (1) so try entering that in its place instead. If your pin doesn’t work for any other reason, contact our Customer Care department for assistance.​

Why do I need to register a SAFE SCAN PIN number?

We think it’s best that a parent accompanies a child on all their online adventures. While our experience is child safe, it’s best that parents participate in digital activities with their child(ren). Having a SAFE SCAN PIN number ensures that a parent, guardian or trusted adult is present in the use of the Santa’s Kindness Ornament and enhances all participants online safety.​

Where can I find my SAFE SCAN PIN number?

The SAFE SCAN PIN number is located on the back of the ornament and is unique to your ornament.​

What do I do if I’m having additional technical issues?

For questions, information or to share your stories of kindness, please email or call 855-223-5692.​

What is a QR code?

A QR code is similar to a barcode. When you scan your Santa Kindness Ornament with the camera of your phone or digital tablet, it takes you to see video messages from Santa!​

How do I scan a QR code?

Simply open the camera on your phone or tablet. Point it at the QR code. The built-in scanner will scan the code and take you to see videos from Santa. ​

What if my phone doesn’t have a QR code scanner?

You should be able to download a third-party QR code reader from most phone app stores. ​

Is the Santa’s Kindness technology secure?

Yes, we’ve partnered with security elves that make sure your data is secure.​

Am I able to use the QR code if I don’t have a way to scan it?

No. You must scan the QR code to see Santa’s videos. ​

What’s included in the box?

Santa’s Kindness Ornament with QR code and an interactive 80-page Kindness Journal.​

Can more journals be purchased?

Yes, additional journals are available for purchase for families with more than one child. Visit to find a store near you or order on the site.​

When does Santa’s Kindness Ornament start?

Starting Dec 1st with multiple daily video messages from Santa until Christmas and other messages periodically throughout the year.​

How many videos a day?

2-3 video messages per day Dec 1st – 23rd and more on Dec 24th to follow Santa all day long and as he takes off for his Christmas Eve flight.​

Does the experience meet accessibility requirements?

Yes, plus all videos are captioned so that those with hearing challenges can still participate.​

Is Santa’s Kindness Ornament child safety tested?

Yes. The ornament is designed to be kid safe and the digital experience is COPPA Compliant and a ho-ho-whole lot of fun.​

What is the age range for this product?

Designed for kids ages 3+ and kids at heart of all ages.​

Are batteries required?

No batteries are required. Just scan the QR code with your phone or tablet to start seeing messages from Santa!​

What is the hole in the back of the ornament for?

You can add a holiday light string bulb to enhance the colors throughout the ornament while hanging on tree.​

Is this ornament reusable the following year?

Yes, the QR code will be active each holiday season for basic content. Each year, we will deliver new ways to enhance the experience for families.​

Is this Journal reusable the following year?

We recommend new journals each season for increased memory keeping as children grow. ​

Can Santa’s Kindness Ornament be purchased separately/without the journal?

No, the ornament may only be purchased together with the journal. ​

Is the QR code active all year?

Yes, the QR/URL link is active all year. Some videos will be available periodically throughout the year to encourage continued kindness.”​