We at DEMDACO hope to participate in the meaningful moments of your lives. We don't create those momentswe aspire to make them a little better. We want to be there in times of joy, comfort and love. We strive to lift the spirit in you, in each other and in our communities.

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Our Story 

Pronounced dem-day-koh, and named for our founders Demi and Dave, we strive to lift the spirit in times of celebration, when comfort is needed or just to put a smile on someone’s face. Our hand-curated artisan gifts are chosen for their potential to help people nurture goodness in the lives of others, and celebrate family, friends and themselves.

It started in 1993 when our founders, Demi and Dave, created DD Traders while in Hong Kong. After a few years, they moved back to the United States while still managing DD Traders. Born out of a love and interest for the gifting industry, in May of 1997, DEMDACO was founded. Demi and Dave contacted three artists and asked if they’d want to help start a gift companyand the rest is history! After a few years, Willow Tree® launched and nothing has ever been the same. It has been the #1 gift line in the industry since 2000.

Within the last couple of years, we’ve expanded to be consumer facing, not just wholesale! We’ve received awards, designed heirloom-quality, artisan products and tried to give back to the community in all we do. It’s been a wonderful 25+ years, and we can’t wait to keep growing and lifting spirits together!

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Our Promise

Success to us isn’t measured by profit. We’re successful if we’ve made your day a little bit better. Our products have all been touched by human hands, meaning, they’re handmade, thoughtfully curated and ethically sourced.

 If, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, please contact customersupport@demdaco.com 

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Lift the Spirit

Our mission to lift the spirit essentially means we’re always striving to uplift our communities through pleasant interactions, by lending a helping hand or through other charitable acts such as donations. Our endeavor to lift the spirit starts in our own halls, offices and meeting rooms. If we don’t feel a little joy, comfort and love in the workplace, it will be evident in the products we make and the way we engage with our community. 

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Giving & Lift the Spirit Days

How do we live out our lift the spirit mission? Once a year, DEMDACO hosts Giving Day! Our DEMDACO family takes the day off and goes out to volunteer at various charities such as Wayside Waifs, Veterans Community Project, Habitat for Humanity and many others. 

We also provide our employees with Lift the Spirit time off for mission trips, helping at schools or other volunteer opportunities.

See what we have done here.

This short video shows how DEMDACO products can help make life's meaningful moments a little more special:

DD Traders® (DD Traders, Inc. d.b.a. DEMDACO®) provides international buying agency and distribution services in the fields of gifts for home and entertaining, fashion, baby and holiday to its customers.