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Date Night Activity Dice Set

Relaxation is all about the company. Quiet nights in or evenings out matter most when enjoyed with the people we love. Enliven those moments with the Date Night Activity Dice Set that uncorks a little something extra for unwinding and gifting.
  • Size: 2"sq. each
  • Materials: wood
  • Sentiment: Try a new restaurant; Go out for ice cream; Cook a new recipe; Have an indoor picnic; Order takeout (rollers choice!); Try a local food truck; Watch the sunset together; Break out the board games (but play nice!); Read a book and take turns reading out loud; Go see a movie (don't forget the popcorn!); Call friends for a double date; Binge watch a new show; Turn off your phones, no screens allowed; Talk about why you love each other; Update your bucket list month, year or life; Snuggle under a blanket with each other; Plan your perfect vacation; Look at old photos together
  • Copyright: © 2022 DEMDACO
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  • SKU: 1004500280

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Our talented group of creative individuals specializes in crafting home goods, kitchenware, jewelry and more that add meaning to life's simple yet extraordinary moments.

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