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Wine Night Dice Set

Settle in, snuggle up and spend time with those you love most enjoying the Wine Night Dice Set from the Uncork & Unwind collection. This game is sure to start new beloved traditions.
  • Size: 2" sq
  • Materials: wood composite
  • Sentiment: Would you wanna go on live television; Would you wanna hang out with your in-laws; Would you wanna meet your celebrity crush; Would you wanna have a review at work; Would you wanna give a wedding toast; Would you wanna go on a first date; While only speaking in rhyme (what a great time!); While using an English accent; While your BFF is texting you constantly; While completely covered in glitter; While only speaking in pig Latin; While in a ridiculous costume; Or while accidentally live streaming the whole time; Or having just been woken up; Or while on roller skates; Or while only wearing your pajamas; Or after burning your mouth on pizza; Or with a mouthful of peanut butter
  • Copyright: © 2023 DEMDACO In-house for DEMDACO
  • UPC: 638713676177
  • SKU: 1004080275

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