Dishes With DEMDACO: Easy Holiday Entertaining

Yours truly here, again! 

Now, I'm no Martha Stewart, but I’ve learned a thing or two about hosting. I love having people over and setting a scene that's inviting, affordable and functional! So when it comes to holiday entertaining, these elements are guidelines I strictly follow. Because it's a season that can be ... well ... a little expensive and overwhelming.

The great thing about these simple holiday hosting tips is they work no matter what kind of festive party you're having: White Elephant, ugly sweater, family dinner, friend party - etc.!

Let's me explain the three basic elements I mentioned:

1) Inviting

Setting an inviting Christmas ambience is honestly not hard to do. There are many beautiful Christmas themes out there. Select which one is your favorite and go from there. If you're up for you it, you can even mix and match. Now I love a nostalgia-inspired Christmas setting mixed with some good ole country Christmas. Maybe you love the elevated, classic trend of white, silver and gold. Or perhaps you like it more whimsical and colorful - what I call the 'Elf Christmas' (think greens, pinks, blues and sparkles). Some think in order to set an inviting party scene, you have to have the perfect this and that. Truth is, you don't! It comes from the heart! If the spirit is willing, the ambience will follow ... even if it's not Pinterest perfect: that's ok! But it does help to have the essential hosting must-haves which is where affordable comes into play ...

2) Affordable

Many of us don't have exorbitant amounts of money to spend on the perfect pieces for every possible hosting occasion. This is why it's important to have essential serveware that's interchangeable. Classic pieces that are white, black or solid that can easily pair with a themed setting too. It's also smart to think of quality when buying your kitchenware so that it lasts a long time (and you get your moneys worth) and so it stays looking like new for all the exposure it'll get. Which brings us into the last element ...

3) Functional

After hosting parties, you come to learn what works for you, your house's layout, your style and what you prefer in serveware. Some of this just comes with the whole 'practice makes perfect' thing. Some aspects can be forecasted - you always need a dipping tray, small topping bowls, plates and platters of various sizes, a cheese board and something tiered (for layers and height). 

As you can see, these three elements are very intertwined. Don't overcomplicate hosting, especially at the holidays. Keep what matters most at the heart of it all! Yes, the little details make an impact and help set a jolly mood, but it's nothing to stress about. There are a million ways to add those little touches and you just have to find what's best for you, your hosting needs and your budget. More is not always better! 

Now because we at DEMDACO believe in the power of good food with family and loved ones gathered around it, we intentionally design hosting essentials that fit all the criteria above! Here are a few that would be great to add to your holiday parties and beyond!

Tiered Tree Display Stands

Kindness Candy Cane Crock

Long Wood Serving Board

Cardinal Plate & Spreader

Dipping Bowls-3

Red Gather 'Round Platter

Christmas Tree Round Plate

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