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The true gift of the holiday season is spending together-time with those we love most. It’s those little ‘togetherness’ moments that aren’t staged or edited. They’re real, they’re genuine – perfectly imperfect and joyfully unforgettable.

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  • Set of three red ceramic dipping bowls that say "merry", "jolly" and "yummy" respectively, with white bases.

    Jolly Dipping Bowls - Set of 3

  • Top down view of a two section red ceramic divided dish. One side says "a whole lot of nice" and the other side says "a lil bit of naughty".

    A Lil Bit Naughty & Nice Divided Dish

  • A set of three textured ceramic stacking bowls, each with a winter scene of a snowman, trees, and snowflakes. Stacked inside one another.

    Snowmen Ceramic Stacking Bowls - Set of 3

  • Top down view of a red ceramic divided dish with three sections, each of which say "ho" inside.

    Ho Ho Ho Divided Dish

  • Two wood figures of a snowman and Santa each with a rope ring around it.

    Santa & Snowman Character Ring Toss

  • A set of red, green and silver jingle bells with ribbons attached next to a black interior bag and an outer white drawstring bag that says "The Jingle Bell Bag".

    Jingle Bell Joy

  • Wood nativity figures, a stable and a book titled "The Christmas Star from Afar".

    Star from Afar

  • Three different card games each with a holiday theme. The games include festive charades, festive what am I and festive trivia.

    Festive Fun & Games

  • Holiday Bingo packaged in a red box that includes playing boards and square paper tokens.

    Festive Bingo

  • A reindeer head shaped wood hanging door decoration with a yarn pom for the nose and a sign at the bottom that says "Very Merry".

    Very Merry Reindeer Door Hanger

  • White ceramic mug with a textured base and red interior. The mug has a watercolor image of a cardinal in a snowy scene.

    Snow Frosted Cardinal Mug and Card Set

  • A clear pilsner glass that says "Be Of Good Cheer" with a Burgundy towel rolled and standing in the glass.

    Good Cheers Pilsner Glass & Towel Set

  • White ceramic mug with a textured base and green interior. The mug has a watercolor image of a snowman and cardinals.

    Winter Friends Mug and Card Set