Willow Tree Nativity Sets

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Unpacking and setting out the pieces of a Willow Tree Nativity Set is a cherished holiday tradition that carries over year-to-year and generation to generation. Willow Tree Nativity scenes are a legacy of love and faith honoring the spirit of the season. From the Holy Family to the wise men, shepherds and backdrops, each Willow Tree Nativity piece and figure is uniquely crafted and hand-painted.

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  • Front view of seated female figure in light blue dress and blue cloak holding baby, with male figure in rust-colored cloak standing behind her holding staff

    The Christmas Story

  • Heavy cream box with hinged doors open to show bas-relief carving of Nativity scene in blue and gold leaf

    Starry Night Nativity

  • Shelter-shaped, flat, rust-colored pierced-metal backdrop patterned with branches and swirling circles of dots

    Shelter for The Holy Family

  • Willow Tree Nativity Deluxe 14-piece set

    Willow Tree Nativity Deluxe 14-piece set