Nativity Sets


A Timeless Tradition

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  • New
    2 ft by 5 ft gauze fabric with gradation of color along length of mustard to sand to mustard, to use with Nativity display

    Nativity Table Runner

  • White wooden pedestal stand

    Angel Stand

  • Brown cow figurine laying next to white sheep figurine

    Ox and Goat

  • Faceless man figurine wearing tan outfit and white hat, hand on donkey next to him


  • Small white lamb figurines in between girl figurine wearing light grey dress with halo on

    Little Shepherdess

  • Nativity scene figurines - man standing over woman dressed in blue holding baby

    The Holy Family

  • Three wiseman figurines holding presents

    The Three Wisemen

  • Set of wooden stars raised on stands on wooden plaque

    Metal Star Backdrop

  • Set of three people figurines with four animals and one baby