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  • A gray wooden card with a ceramic plate that reads "You are my happy place".

    Happy Place Forever Card - Keepsake Décor

  • A textured ivory tapered coffee mug with a typed message to "dear you" on the front, and brown inner lining.

    Dear You Mug - Strength

  • A gray wooden card with a ceramic plate that reads "You did it!".

    You Did It Forever Card - Keepsake Décor

  • A blue heart sculpture with a golden crown. Reads "pause rest and tend to your spirit".

    Nurture Your Soul Heart Sculpture

  • tote bag made of different patterned blue patchwork fabric

    Your Journey Indigo Weekender Bag

  • white knit shawl with fringe on hem

    Comfort Collection Blanket Wrap

  • Close up of a woman in a white blouse and dark denim jeans wearing a camel colored "Giving Shawl".

    Giving Shawl - Camel

  • light pink satin pillowcase with white letters in bottom right corner reading Wake Up Brave

    Blush Satin Pillow Case - Wake Up Brave

  • detailed shot of woman holding strap of blue tote bag and wearing beaded bracelet

    Your Journey Leather Bracelet with Beads

  • A cream baby activity scarf with different tabs and sensory activities on the ends all in a farm animal theme.

    Mommy & Me Activity Scarf - Farm Animals

  • reversible gray and striped blanket with Noah's Ark, poem, rainbow and dove decals

    Noah's Ark Blanket

  • collaged wall art with hummingbird and poem titled Own Your Joy printed on it

    Own Your Joy Manifesto Wall Art

  • White plaque with wooden outline - blue bird painted in the center - crouser signature in right corner

    Springtime Bluebird Wall Art