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  • Served with Love Double Oven Mitt

    Served with Love Double Oven Mitt

  • Spoon rest's images are divided into 11 sections, each with different designs and symbols. Middle is a circular note with black writing

    Sweet Table Prayer Spoon Rest

  • A small wooden scoop clip with a square pattern and "made for you" engraved.

    Made For You Wooden Scoop & Clip

  • Round white plate with large yellow sunflower printed in the middle
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    Sunflower Spoon Rest

  • A winter themed salt and pepper shaker set. A textured red Santa shaker, placed to the left of a textured white snowman shaker with a black top hat.

    Snow Day Toothpick Holders - 2 Assorted

  • Circles Spoon Rest

    Circles Spoon Rest

  • Three white and tan ceramic snack bowls with various messages inside, such as "Yum!".

    Snow Day Snack Bowls Set of 3 Assorted

  • White plate with grey stripes and 'stir things up' in black letters

    Stir Things Up Spoon Rest

  • An ivory phone caddy with a blue and white striped inner lining, and a red and white patch that reads give it a rest"."

    Phone Caddy

  • A textured red Santa cookie jar, with the body as the jar and the head as the lid. The lid is placed on top of the jar.

    Snow Day Santa Cookie Jar

  • White platter with red flower designs and red artist signature in right corner

    Poppy Spoon Rest