Coastal Décor

Living by the sea or having a lake house is a dream for many, but with our artisan home décor, you can make any living space feel like a coastal living environment. Browse our coastal living home décor for ideas to bring nautical style to your home.

A woman wearing a kitchen boa and a coastal kitchen towel hanging off the table

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    A left facing view of an illuminated teal and light wooden wine box that reads "life is better at the beach".

    At the Beach Lantern

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    An off-white serving board with two lines of green scribbled waves, life is better at the beach" in green typography, and a tan base."

    Beach Cheese Board

  • Colored glass platter in brown and cream shaped like a conch shell

    Conch Shell Platter

  • Colored glass platter shaped like a seahorse

    Seahorse Platter

  • top view of silver carved turtle

    Sea Turtle Token

  • silver carved knob of a starfish

    Starfish Token

  • framed art made of pebbles depicting a man next to an American flag

    Proud Wall Art

  • framed art made of pebbles depicting a couple with a baby next to a child holding a seglass balloon with arms in air

    As We Grow Wall Art

  • framed art made of pebbles depicting a wedding with a dog looking at the couple

    Love to Share Wall Art

  • front view of mermaid shaped bank

    Big Waves Mermaid Bank

  • gray ceramic whale bank with smiling face

    Big Waves Whale Bank