St. Patrick's Day

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  • standing woman in white top and jeans wearing knee length sage plush fabric vest with her hands in vest pockets

    Sage Giving Shawl - Giving Collection

  • A small, speckle textured, tan and dark teal vase that reads inhale hope, exhale worries", filled with an assortment of small rocks, and a white succulent oil diffuser."

    Succulent Oil Diffuser - Hope

  • A ceramic, emerald green, rectangular spoon rest with if I have to stir it, it's homemade.""

    It's Homemade Rectangle Spoon Rest

  • Front view of standing female figure in cream dress with full skirt and curly hair with gold wire crown, dress carved with Celtic knot

    Irish Charm

  • An ivory and olive green "Our Bond" scarf, draped as a shawl on a white and black metal mannequin.

    Our Bond Scarf - Faith

  • empty green bottle bag that reads 'Cheers to you!' in white letters

    Cheers to You! Wine Bottle Bag

  • A small ivory plate, with an olive green center with a message about the Giving Plate" in ivory font."

    Love & Share Giving Plate

  • Gold necklace holds a rectangular charm with a dark green stone. Gold triangular stud earrings have a dark green stone. Both necklace and earrings are on a white message card with green accents

    Birthstone Necklace and Earring Set - May

  • An adjustable gold bracelet with a circle of small green and gold stones attached.

    Circle Bracelet - Green/Gold

  • A gray and brown plush bear with a green nose and a cream tag tied around its neck that says "Lucky Charm!"

    Mini Giving Bear - Lucky

  • A green and tan serving board with "Welcome to our happy place just fill up your plate and stuff your face" in white typography.

    Happy Place Cheese Board

  • Bracelet - Green Marble

    Bracelet - Green Marble

  • A green wine bottle bag that reads "the best wines are the ones we drink with friends" beside a wooden wine stopper.

    Friends Wine Bottle Bag & Stopper

  • A left facing view of an illuminated green and light wooden wine box that reads "oh look it's wine o'clock".

    It's Wine O'Clock Lantern