New Year's

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  • Closer view of white bread bowl with cream towel that has a brown bow

    Large Ceramic Bread Basket with Towel

  • A left facing view of an illuminated teal and light wooden wine box that reads "good wine good friends good times".

    Good Wine & Good Friends Lantern

  • An ivory appetizer tray with black stripes placed beside a wooden spatula.

    Serve Things Up Appetizer Tray with Spatula

  • Glass rectangular platter with raised sides and a trim with bubbles

    Pop In Everyday Rectangle Platter

  • A white serving board with dainty blue flowers across the bottom, and bon appetit" in blue typewriter font."

    Bon Appétit Cheese Board

  • Clear, circular glass platter with raised edges. Edges have bubbles

    Pop In Everyday Round Platter

  • wine bottle stopper with silver carved heart on top

    Heart Wine Stopper

  • Clear, rectangular glass dish is separated into two halves. Raised edges with a space at the top in between the two halves for a Pop In

    Pop In Rectangle Divided Dish

  • A left facing view of an illuminated red and light wooden wine box that reads "the best wines are the ones we drink with friends".

    Wine & Friends Lantern

  • wooden cutting board with White Wine Spritzer recipe etched in and corkscrew tied to it

    Antiqued Brass Finish Wine Opener

  • white ceramic round with pointy stem reading Make a Wish on front

    Make a Wish Cupcake Topper

  • Front view of a white jar with brown lettering and a white decal encompassing the base of the jar. A brown lid sits atop the jar, and has a brown bow attached to the handle

    Wishes Jar

  • A light purple Inspired Bell" with a star shape cut out, several stars engraved, a twine rope, and gold and wooden beads."

    Inspired Bell - Celebrate

  • An oval shaped cream serving platter with three succulents.

    Succulent Platter

  • A set of three heart shaped cupcake toppers with black and white striped bases.

    Heart Cupcake Toppers Set of 3 Assorted