Easter Gifts

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  • ceramic cross with blue ombre, gold splatters and 'blessed' printed on it tied to a brass key

    Blessed Artful Cross

  • Trust in the Lord with all your heart' on blue chunky cross keychain

    Trust in the Lord Artful Cross

  • Small blue stuffed dinosaur animal with yellow spikes

    Mellow Fellows Dinosaur- Drake

  • Tan lamb spread open blanket animal

    Langley Lamb Rattle Blankie

  • Believe' printed on white cross with red/green flowers figurine

    Believe Artful Cross Token

  • Side view of silver bunny figurine topper

    Bunny Token

  • Low Stock
    White snowglobe with small lamb figurine inside with snowflakes - bottom of globe has silver cross put on it

    Jesus Loves Me Musical Water Globe

  • An oval shaped cream serving platter with three succulents.

    Succulent Platter

  • ceramic cross with bird illustration, watercolor nature and 'even small things have great power' printed on it tied to a brass key

    Small Things Artful Cross

  • A hanging white Heartful Home Bell" with small black dots, a red and yellow cross and heart in the center, a chime that reads "blessed", and a black ribbon string."

    Heartful Home Bell - Blessed

  • Small white and grey stuffed lamb standing up with 'mary had a little lamb' book attatched to its tummy

    Mary Had a Little Lamb Puppet Book

  • Stuffed light pink unicorn animal sitting up so bottom of feet are showing - horn is yellow

    Mellow Fellows Unicorn- Magellica

  • Front view, female figure in cream dress, holding tall bouquet of fuchsia calla lilies. Hook and loop affixed to head

    Bloom Ornament

  • A soft, plush cream Prayer Lamb Blankie, with a heart that reads our goodnight prayer" stitched into the top left corner, and a prayer patch stitched into the bottom right corner."

    Goodnight Prayer Lamb Blankie

  • colorful watercolor painting of two chickadees looking at each other on a white background in a light wood frame

    Chickadees Dropping In Wall Art