Easter Gifts

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    A circular clear glass plate with a yellow and white striped edge, and a blue polka dotted water pot filled with flowers.

    Round Spring Platter - 13"dia.

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    A clear rectangular glass serving platter with a light pink scalloped edge, and three polka dotted bunnies in the center.

    Rectangle Easter Bunny Platter - 15x8"

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    Happy Easter Bunny Spring Door Hanger

    Happy Easter Bunny Spring Door Hanger

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    Bunny in Tulips Rectangle Platter

    Bunny in Tulips Rectangle Platter

  • Front view: female figure with brown hair in cream dress holding bouquet of purple tulips; hook and loop affixed to head

    Surprise Ornament

  • A textured ivory tapered coffee mug with a handwritten message on the front, and brown inner lining.

    Dear You Mug - Blessed

  • A white Guardian Angel Bear Blankie with soft pink trim, and a soft pink cross stitched in the bottom corner.

    Pink Guardian Angel Bear Blankie

  • A circular white Egg Dish with two yellow birds and six small flowers in the center.

    Spring Chicks Egg Dish

  • A soft, plush, white Lamb Rattle Blankie with a gray cross and Jesus Loves Me" embroidered on the bottom corner."

    Lamb Rattle Blankie

  • A soft gray baby blanket with "God Bless Baby" and a cross embroidered in the bottom right hand corner.

    God Bless Baby Blanket

  • A soft. plush, bright white and cream Lamb Teething Buddy with two gray textured tabs and a light gray ring.

    Lamb Teether Buddy

  • A slim light washed wooden decorative wall cross, with a darker wooden cross in the center of the wood.

    Serenity Wall Cross

  • A soft, plush, light pink, white, and cream Bunny Teething Buddy with two textured gray tabs, a light gray ring, and two large pink ears.

    Bunny Teether Buddy

  • A faux green succulent placed in a tan burlap sack with a white patch with black stitching and a sentimental message about Blessed in gray handwriting.

    Plant Kindness - Blessed