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  • A circular glass serving platter with a red and white striped edge, and a decorated Christmas tree and presents in the center.

    Christmas Tree Round Plate - 13"dia.

  • A square, white glass serving platter, filled with geometric holly leaves and berries.

    Holly Berry Square Plate - 13"sq.

  • A rectangular glass serving platter with a bright green edging, and filled with multi shades of polka dots, black swirls, and patterned candy canes.

    Candy Canes Rect. Platter - 15x8"

  • A square, glass serving platter with an image of a snowman surrounded by white snowflakes.

    Snowman Square Plate - 13"sq.

  • A clear, rectangular glass serving platter with a red and white striped base, and filled with patterned Christmas trees.

    Christmas Trees Rect. Platter - 15x8"

  • A red snowglobe enclosing faux snow and Santa holding a gold and red present beside a large green sack filled with presents.

    Santa Presents Snow Globe

  • A small red house shaped toothpick holder, with a black and white striped roof with a green heart in the center, two illuminated windows, and a green front door. Filled with toothpicks.

    Heartful Home Holiday Toothpick Holder

  • A black metal wire Christmas tree, wrapped with an illuminated garland. With a wooden cylinder base.

    Lit Tree with Wood Base

  • A large textured red and white divided dish in the shape of Santa, with his hat, face, and body in the bottom of the platter.

    Snow Day Santa Divided Dish

  • A right facing view of an illuminated red and white striped headband, topped with a green tinsel wreath, pom poms, and a red bow.

    Lit Wreath Headband

  • A black and white chip and dip set. A textured large white platter dish with a tan base and "delish & delight" engraved, filled with a small snowman face bowl.

    Snow Day Snowman Chip and Dip Set

  • A white "Sugar Plum Fairy Jingaling Holiday Accessory" with gold polka dots, a gold ruffled trim, and a gold tulle bow at the top. Placed on white mannequin legs.

    Sugar Plum Fairy Jingaling Holiday Accessory

  • An illuminated green Metal Tree Votive Holder, with four tiers, each engraved with an assortment of tree shapes, and cut outs..

    Metal Tree Votive Holder

  • A beige star shaped ornament with red edging, and a blue star print top. Reads "Home of the BRAVE" in red font. With a red tassel, and red, white, and blue beads.

    Home of the Brave Ornament