Trimmed in Tradition

Personalized ornaments are a creative way to bring tradition into our Christmas celebrations. Surprise loved ones with handcrafted ornaments that will embellish their trees for years to come!

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  • Front view of kneeling female angel figure in cream dress with wire wings, hands in prayer position

    Angel of Prayer

  • Hanging crystal heart pendant ornament

    Faceted Heart Ornament

  • Front view of standing angel figure in cream dress with wire wings, holding brown dog in arms

    Angel of Friendship

  • Out of Stock
    A jumbo wooden dice with different colored sides, each with a "Pass the present" task, such as "Everyone pass presents to the right". Placed beside a red product card.

    Pass the Present Jumbo Dice

  • A silver "Meaning of Christmas" star ornament.

    Meaning of Christmas Star Ornament

  • white painted metal decorative case with snowman and tree scene inside

    Lit Musical Snowman Lantern

  • Front view of female angel figure in cream dress with wire wings, holding blue-gray bird in hands

    Angel of Healing

  • Out of Stock
    A set of three textured ceramic stacking bowls, each with a winter scene of a snowman, trees, and snowflakes. Stacked inside one another.

    Snowmen Ceramic Stacking Bowls - Set of 3

  • standing hook made of white branch

    Tree Branch Ornament Stand

  • Snowman with black and white polka dot hat, pink and red scarf, 4 black buttons, and white and striped heart

    Screenings Snowman with Heart Door Hanger

  • A silver "Meaning of Christmas" cross ornament with a small gold tag that reads "faith".

    Meaning of Christmas Cross Ornament

  • Marked Down
    A tall cream mug with thin black stripes, and a green tree with a bright yellow star and several black swirls.

    Christmas Tree Striped Mug

  • Rose gold crown ornament hanging by white string

    Jeweled Crown Ornament 6 Inches