Trimmed in Tradition

Personalized ornaments are a creative way to bring tradition into our Christmas celebrations. Surprise loved ones with handcrafted ornaments that will embellish their trees for years to come!

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  • Santa & Snowman Character Ring Toss

    Santa & Snowman Character Ring Toss

  • A front facing view of a blown glass ornament of a gold star over a cityscape of Bethlehem. With a red ribbon string.

    Blown Glass Star Over Bethlehem Ornament

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    A size S/M gray pair of "Cozy Knit Pants" on a white mannequin.
    Out of Stock

    Cozy Knit Pants - Fashion Apparel

  • Out of Stock
    A white wooden tabletop bean bag board, placed to the right of 6 red, white, and green polka dotted bean bags.

    Tabletop Snowman Beanbag Toss

  • Marked Down
    A large cream, ceramic, soup bowl mug with a red inner lining, a red heart, and reads "warms the soul" in red typewriter font.

    Warms the Soul Heart Soup Bowl

  • Marked Down
    A large cream, ceramic, soup bowl mug with a red inner lining, a red heart, and reads "warm & cozy" in red typewriter font.

    Warm & Cozy Heart Soup Bowl

  • A set of red, green and silver jingle bells with ribbons attached next to a black interior bag and an outer white drawstring bag that says "The Jingle Bell Bag".

    Jingle Bell Joy

  • Low Stock
    A Santa themed candy dish, with the face and a tan base as the jar, and a textured red and white hat as the lid, placed on top of the jar.

    Snow Day Santa Candy Dish

  • A frosted glass heart shaped ornament with a silver snowflake charm, a red velvet string, and "Dear family, why even make a wish list, when we already have each other?"

    Dear You Ornament - Family

  • Two whitewashed wooden acorn ornaments of various sizes.

    Whitewashed Acorn Ornaments - 2 Assorted

  • Three whitewashed wood tree shaped figures that nest into each other, displayed facing forward nested into each other.

    Whitewashed Wood Nesting Trees - Set of 3

  • A small, dark brown framed pebble scene of a dog surrounded by Christmas lights. Titled "Happy Pawlidays Wall Art".

    Happy Pawlidays Wall Art