DEMDACO offers collections for women that range from kitchen and entertainment gifts, to fashion and artwork. If you’re looking for the best gifts for a wife, we’ve got some unique ideas here in our “Wife” gift guide that we're sure she'll adore.

a necklace for your wife that is the shape of a heart with a key shaped hole and a key necklace to fit that hole

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    A set of three textured gardening picks - a light red flower, a yellow flower with a white tag that reads love", and a dark red flower. Each on copper wire."

    Love Flower Set

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    A cream Inspired Bell" with a heart shape cut out, two small pink hearts, a handwritten message in black, a twine rope, and gold and wooden beads."

    Inspired Bell - Love

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    A set of three off-white herb planters, placed on a matching tray. Each with black stripes and polka dots; the center pot also has a large red heart in the center.

    Red Heart Herb Planter Set

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    A small ivory plate, with an olive green center with a message about the Giving Plate" in ivory font."

    Love & Share Giving Plate

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    A brushed light pink art heart with "you will always be my forever" in gold lettering. With a bronze key and gold tassel.

    Always Art Heart

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    A small ivory plate, with a dark red center and three small ivory hearts.

    Heart Celebration Plate

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    A light pink scarf with a sentimental message in gray script. Placed on an ivory and black mannequin.

    Dear You Scarf - My Love

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    A small white ceramic planter with black polka dots and a large red heart in the center. Placed in a light washed wooden stand.

    Red Heart Mini Planter

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    A textured ivory tapered coffee mug with a handwritten message on the front, and brown inner lining.

    Dear You Mug - Love

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    A faux green succulent placed in a tan burlap sack with a white patch with red stitching and a sentimental message about love in gray handwriting.

    Plant Kindness - Love

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    A hanging black and white striped Heartful Home Bell" with a black and white polka dotted and red heart in the center, a chime that reads "love", and a black ribbon string."

    Heartful Home Bell - Love