Religious Gifts

One of the most special occasions to celebrate are those involving religious accomplishments, or rites-of-passage, such as baptism, First Communion and confirmation. These are times when family comes together to celebrate spiritual joy and important moments of faith. Religious gifts are also meaningful for godparents or sponsors for baptisms who will be there for life as faith grows. DEMDACO curates a special selection of religious gifts for many different spiritual occasions and recipients.

Celebrate Faith

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  • Front view of female figure in cream dress, seated on rock, reading a book


  • Female figure with wire wings in cream dress carved with a tree design, holding hands in prayer, ornament loop attached to head

    a tree, a prayer Ornament

  • A "Faith and Trust Angel" in a blue dress with a sentimental message on the front.

    Faith and Trust Angel

  • Hope' printed above blue butterfly on light purple/yellow cross keychain

    Hope Butterfly Artful Cross

  • A soft, plush, white Lamb Rattle Blankie with a gray cross and Jesus Loves Me" embroidered on the bottom corner."

    Lamb Rattle Blankie

  • Figure of female angel in cream dress and wire wings, kneeling in prayer position, ornament loop on head

    Angel of Prayer Ornament

  • Right view of figure in cream dress carved with natural patterns in ballet pose with hands out and leg up behind her, wire wings on back and ornament hook on head

    Dance of Life Ornament

  • A blue art cross with a floral design, a sentimental message, a bronze key and a gold tassel.

    Remember the Days Artful Cross Sculpture

  • Metal trinket box in a heart shape with the words Faith does not make things easy it makes them possible

    Faith Art Heart Keeper

  • The Christmas Journey Nativity ornament' on white/gold advertisement - silver nativity scene figurines ornament centered

    Nativity Scene Ornament

  • Front view of female figure with dreadlocks and gold headband, standing with arms out to her sides


  • Front view of female figure in cream dress with wire wings and hair in bun, playing the flute

    Angel of Harmony

  • A soft, plush cream Prayer Lamb Blankie, with a heart that reads our goodnight prayer" stitched into the top left corner, and a prayer patch stitched into the bottom right corner."

    Goodnight Prayer Lamb Blankie

  • A soft textured blush pink prayer shrobe placed on an ivory and black mannequin.

    Blush Prayer Shrobe - Love

  • A pink heart sculpture with a golden crown. Reads "forever blessed by their life & heart".

    Forever Blessed Heart Sculpture