Encouragement & Hope

For more than 20 years, DEMDACO has designed and sold encouragement gifts intended to “Lift the Spirit”— in times of celebration, when comfort is needed, or just to put a smile on someone’s face. We work with artists to create uplifting gifts that can be forever reminders that you are loved and great sources of hope. Browse our unique collection of encouragement gifts and inspire someone special in your life.

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    Front view, figurine of three females in cream dresses: one standing with arm around kneeling female, and holding hand of seated female

    Our healing touch

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    A ceramic plaque with a collage style of background and bird, and reads "We will always be connected in our traveling journeys".

    Traveling Journey Plaque

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    A cream rectangular plaque with a collage of patterns, a large dove, and reads be brave. be brave. be brave" in black typewriter font."

    Be Brave Plaque

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    A close up image of a red cord bracelet with silver and gold heart shaped pendants.

    Charm Bracelet - Red Heart

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    A ceramic plaque with a collage style of background and hearts, and reads "You inspire me to reach + grow and become my best self thank you".

    Best Self Plaque

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    A textured ivory tapered coffee mug with a typed message about "follow your dreams" on the front, and yellow inner lining.

    Dear You Mug - Dream

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    A faux green succulent placed in a soft tan sack with a white patch with a message about "courage".

    Plant Kindness - Courage

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    A soft red Giving Blanket, placed in a gray packaging box, and tied with a cream ribbon, a cream fabric sentimental hangtag, and a product tag.

    Ribbed Blanket - Red

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    A soft fuzzy red Giving Heart pillow with an ivory patch that reads "Giving Heart".

    Giving Heart - Red