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Inspire their studies with encouraging dorm décor and meaningful back-to-school accessories, such as zip pouches, backpacks and more.


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  • New
    A cream fabric zipper pouch with an inspirational message about new opportunities. The zipper has a olive green tassel.

    Dear You Zip Pouch - Tomorrow Awaits

  • Dream Big & Work Hard Tray

    Dream Big & Work Hard Tray

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    Marked Down
    Front view of a cream handled ceramic mug that says "teacher" above a dark gray heart.

    Teacher Heart Mug

  • Courageous Joy

    Courageous Joy

  • 2022 Ornament

    2022 Ornament

  • Front view: cream square resin box with lid, 3-d carving of girl in cream leotard sitting atop lid

    The Dancer Keepsake Box

  • Front view: standing figure with short brown hair in cream dress holding out terracotta pot of orange milkweed plant

    Little Things

  • Low Stock
    Front view, adult male figure in light gray shirt and blue jeans, seated on gray rock

    My Guy

  • A ceramic plaque with a collage style of background and bird, and reads "We will always be connected in our traveling journeys".

    Traveling Journey Plaque

  • A 7 pannel banner with multi color and multi patterened pentagon shaped panels, together spell hooray!". Placed on an ivory string."

    Hooray Celebration Banner

  • Out of Stock
    A large indigo blue tote bag with a stamped white circular design, and brown leather handles, each with three gold buttons.

    Indigo Block Print Large Tote

  • Out of Stock
    A white wall backdrop that reads "celebrate" 5 times in beige and black font.

    Celebrate Wall Backdrop

  • Out of Stock
    A white wall backdrop that reads "reach for the stars" surrounded by black and gray stars.

    The Stars Wall Backdrop

  • A red, yellow, and blue stripe print wrist strap with gold metal accents.

    Wrist Strap - Enjoy the Journey