Baby Shower

Baby Showers are a fun time to celebrate a new chapter ahead in a couple's life. Baby Shower gifts are especially fun to shop for as they can be varied and come in a number of forms, depending on what you would like to express. If you want to show your love and support, a sentimental gift might be a good way to go. If you want the baby to start off with some soft and snuggly pals in its life, there are lots of great options available here. Another approach is to get the mother-to-be something personalized and sweet that promotes self-care. Whatever you choose, shower the parents-to-be with meaningful gifts that celebrate the new little person soon to join the family and your life.

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  • Wrist Rattle - Unicorn

    Wrist Rattle - Unicorn

  • Puppy Easy Kneezie

    Puppy Easy Kneezie

  • Lion Easy Kneezie

    Lion Easy Kneezie

  • Wrist Rattle - Dinosaur

    Wrist Rattle - Dinosaur

  • Out of Stock
    Rattle Socks - Fox

    Rattle Socks - Fox

  • Unicorn Easy Kneezie

    Unicorn Easy Kneezie

  • Wrist Rattle - Puppy

    Wrist Rattle - Puppy

  • A pair of pink rattle socks. One has the face of a unicorn in pink and white and the other has a heart shaped mirror with ribbon tags.

    Rattle Socks - Unicorn

  • Rattle Socks - Dinosaur

    Rattle Socks - Dinosaur

  • A charcoal scarf with snaps draped over the shoulder of a mannequin.

    Motherhood Scarf - Charcoal

  • The front view of a gray and white puppy plush head with a gray and white striped fabric ribbon with four sensory tabs and a white clip at the end.

    Puppy Paci Pocket Pal

  • A brown bear plush fabric book with a plastic clip at the top to attach to a stroller titled "Dear Sleepy Bear".

    Stroller Stories - Dear Sleepy Bear

  • A beige rattle shaped like the sun attached to a wood ring that says "Shine Bright, My Sunbeam".

    Dear You Sunbeam Rattle

  • A gray plush bear fabric book with a clip at the top to attach to a stroller titled "Dear Little Bear".

    Stroller Stories - Dear Little Bear

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    A cream blanket in blocks that has a poem over two blocks, stars, hearts and a small heart in the bottom right corner that says "Love You, little one".

    Tuck You In Wishes Blanket - Neutral