Kate Dittmann

Artist Kate Dittmann is a DEMDACO product designer focused on developing items for our reimagined line of gifts for Baby. During her more than two years here, we’ve expanded our focus on Baby with warm, neutral colors, lush textiles, and heartfelt messaging that inspires deep emotional connections between young children and loved ones. The soft goods Kate designs feature luxurious fabrics and endearing touches that are “perfectly imperfect.” You’ve probably seen some of her work, such as the Tender Love Elephant and Bird, Wishing Pals, the Prayer Lamb, and Welcome to the World Bundles. She also had a part in rolling out the beloved Giving Bear, and Kate played a big role in designing the new Jumbo and Mini Giving Bears.

Portrait of designer Kate Dittmann. Closeup of fabric with a tag that reads LOVED.

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  • tan stuffed bear with striped nose and ears

    Baby Bear Plush Toy

  • tan stuffed bear with striped body and polka dot nose and ears

    Baby Bear Rattle

  • baby blanket in the shape of a bear head

    Baby Bear Tummy Mat

  • front view of mermaid shaped bank

    Big Waves Mermaid Bank

  • pink and blue towel reading make big waves with a mermaid tail illustration

    Big Waves Mermaid Blanket

  • mermaid plush toy

    Big Waves Mermaid Blankie

  • gray ceramic whale bank with smiling face

    Big Waves Whale Bank

  • flat fabric purple whale toy

    Big Waves Whale Playmat

  • plush purple stuffed animal whale

    Big Waves Whale Rattle

  • Jumbo LOVED Bear

    Jumbo LOVED Bear

  • white ceramic fram with pink fabric heart attached and sentiment Always Keep Your Sparkle on left side

    Keep Your Sparkle Frame