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Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser was born and raised in Oregon, where summers were spent camping and fishing in the foothills of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River Gorge and the Central Oregon High Lakes. This adventuresome childhood fostered a love of the great outdoors that can be found in the expressions of Dean’s art. DEMDACO’s Dean Crouser Collection combines vibrant watercolor strokes with simple and unique household goods, offering a large assortment of bird wall art and entertaining gifts enriched by the beauty and simplicity of Oregon wildlife.

Dean Crouser next to his work a water colored plate

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  • square tray with painted bird on it

    Blue Jay Snack Plate

  • light wooden frame with painted bird's head

    Blue Jay Wall Art

  • clock with white background, shaped like a birdhouse, with colorful painted chickadee on front

    Bluebird Birdhouse Clock

  • white mug painted red inside with painted bee and flower on outside

    Bumblebee Mug

  • square tray with painted bee and flower on it

    Bumblebee Snack Plate

  • light wooden frame with painted bee and flower

    Bumblebee Wall Art

  • tea set shown stacked with ceramic tea dispenser painted blue with white lid with painted butterflies inside of glass teapot sitting in white mug with painted butterflies on top of white plate with painted butterflies

    Butterfly Tea Pot Set