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  • tan pillow with different colored fabric patches and sentiment about self love printed in different fonts

    Soul Care Pillow

  • White coffee mug with blue/orange bird print - inside of cup is navy
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    Bluebird Mug by Dean Crouser

  • Dog Love Wall Art

    Dog Love Wall Art

  • A beige coffee mug with "friendship" engraved above a brown heart.

    Friendship Heart Mug

  • Small purple/blue heart figurine with 'always my sister forever my friend' on the right of it -  gold key and grey tassle attatched to the heart

    Always my Sister Art Heart

  • A beaded bracelet set with various gold, silver, black and pink beads and a heart clasp.

    Beaded Love Bracelet - Garnet - Jewelry

  • Gold stand with round hook - front view

    Gold Leaves Ornament Stand

  • White coffee mug with multi-print dragonfly - mug is yellow on the inside
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    Dragonfly Mug

  • Small white heart pendant with yellow designs and 'sisters by heart' in black - gold key and silver tassle attatched

    Sisters By Heart Art Heart

  • Seven rust-colored metal stars, each atop a metal rod of varying height and affixed to rust-colored metal base

    Metal Star Backdrop

  • white vase with purple inside and painted butterfly on outside

    Kaleidoscope Butterfly Vase

  • Set of four figures: kneeling shepherd in olive garment holding crook in hand with goat beside, brown camel lying down with blanket and seat on back, two dark sheep

    Shepherd and Stable Animals