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  • A beaded bracelet set with various purple, silver, blue and white beads and a heart clasp.

    Beaded Love Bracelet - Gray - Jewelry

  • White coffee mug with yellow sunflower print, cup is yellow on the inside

    Sunflower Mug

  • Charcoal Giving Shawl - Giving Collection

    Charcoal Giving Shawl - Giving Collection

  • An ivory coffee mug with "mom" engraved above a brown heart.

    Mom Heart Mug

  • Brunette angel figurine in white dress with gold embellished diamonds


  • Served with Love Double Oven Mitt

    Served with Love Double Oven Mitt

  • Closer view of white bread bowl with cream towel that has a brown bow

    Large Ceramic Bread Basket with Towel

  • Glass crystal bird ornament - all white background

    Iridescent Hummingbird Ornament

  • Three tall female figures with arms around each other attached to gold metal base, all wearing cream dresses with blue ombre and gold dots around base

    By my side

  • Front view of three male figures in cream robes and headdresses, kneeling, bowing or standing, each carrying a metal container

    The Three Wisemen

  • A small, speckle textured, tan and dark teal vase, that reads relax, renew, refresh.", and is filled with an assortment of small rocks, and a white succulent oil diffuser."

    Succulent Oil Diffuser - Relax