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  • Light blue heart pendant with 'dogs leave paw prints on your heart' in black letters above multi-color dog print - gold key and blue tassle attatched

    Paw Prints Art Heart

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    Small purple/blue heart figurine with 'always my sister forever my friend' on the right of it -  gold key and grey tassle attatched to the heart

    Always my Sister Art Heart

  • A white and yellow heart shaped sculpture that says "Sisters by heart" with a silver tassel and metal key attached.

    Sisters By Heart Art Heart

  • A white art heart with multi color stripes and a family message on the front with a bronze key and a gold tassel.

    Family Chaos Art Heart

  • A heart shaped floral sculpture that says "Friendship Starts In Loving Hearts" with a silver tassel and metal key attached.

    Friendship Loving Hearts Art Heart

  • Small yellow heart figurine with 'you are my sunshine' in white letters

    You are my Sunshine Art Heart Token

  • A white floral heart shaped sculpture that says "She believed she could, so she did" with a silver tassel and metal key attached.

    She Believed She Could Art Heart

  • Gray metallic heart with a moon, stars, and raised lettering. Tassel and bronze key attached to heart.
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    To The Moon Art Heart

  • Small, multi-color heart pendant - 'you make my heart smile' in navy and pink letters - gold key and tassle attatched
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    Heart Smile Art Heart

  • White cross figurine with gold key and tassle - 'a mothers love is forever' centered on the cross

    A Mother's Love Art Heart

  • White heart pendant with multi-color hummingbird print, attatched to gold ket

    Hummingbird Art Heart