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  • Sage Giving Shawl- Giving Collection

    Sage Giving Shawl- Giving Collection

  • Round pendant with young girl holding pink shoe to her ear

    Thinking of You Metal-edged Ornament

  • Three beige herb planters with different painted flowers on the front. Filled with herbs. Placed on a matching beige tray.

    Herb Planter Set

  • Horizontal wooden outline frame, inside is white with figurines holding hands walking on bridge
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    Anywhere with You Wall Art

  • White coffee mug with flower print on outside of mug - dark purple inside
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    Iris Mug by Dean Crouser

  • Dark wooden vertical photo frame with image of two people on a bench
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    Always There Wall Art

  • White coffee mug with red flower design print, cup is red on the inside
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    Poppy Mug by Dean Crouser

  • Small yellow heart figurine with 'you are my sunshine' in white letters

    You are my Sunshine Art Heart Token

  • A white and green coffee mug with a nuthatch bird painted on the front.

    Nuthatch and Berries Mug

  • White platter with purple flower surrounded by multi-color splatter paint, artists signature in red located in the right corner
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    Iris Snack Plate

  • square tray with painted bird on it

    Hummingbird in Nest Snack Plate

  • Set of two white socks with light pink top and bottoms - left one says 'baby' right one says 'love'

    Baby Love Kneezies

  • white mug painted red inside with painted bee and flower on outside

    Bumblebee Mug

  • White coffee mug with multi-color bird print, teal inside the mug
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    Chickadee Mug