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Marshmallow World

Lose yourself inside a Marshmallow World this Christmas. Kids and adults alike rejoice in the spirit of wonder with colorful pieces that bring out the warmest of flavors this holiday. The Marshmallow World is a place that brings families together through scrumptious items to wear, cook with and decorate! From candy cane platters to frosted ornaments to matching parent and child holiday aprons, there is a sweetness that fills this collection that no one will be able to resist! Santa and Snowman team up for a sweet treat this year in a variety of collections from artist Cori Dantini, in wall art to ornaments. Santa and Snowman are carved out of love! The Santa and Snowman Wood Ornaments are made of light wooden composite and painted with affection. Each one measures at 3.5 X 6 with their grand signature sweet candy cane treats topped with no less than with a star finish! Hang the pair together or let their sweetness surround the tree! Best of all, with Santa and Snowman featured in wall art, disk, wood, and cloche ornaments, you can match with the entire collection! **3.5 X 6, Made of wood composite
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The Details
  • Marshmallow World - Santa and Snowman Wood Ornaments - 2 Assorted
  • Demdaco - Santa and Snowman Wood Ornaments - 2 Assorted
  • Christmas
  • Made of wood composite
  • 3.5 X 6
The Artist
Cori Dantini’s creative journey began when she was a young girl. She has always loved a really sharp pencil and the line it could create. She is completely inspired by the complexity of relationships, not only between people, but how people move in r elation to plants and animals on this delicate planet of ours. Through her work, she has discovered an organic process involving layers and language. The materials and the process do the talking and it is this mysterious magic of art that intrigues h er and inspires her. Think of her work as visual poetry. Cori recently returned with her family to her hometown of Pullman, Washington, where she spends much of her time in her studio, covered in a mosaic of ink stains and glue dabs with bits of pape r clinging to her slippers.

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