Top Father’s Day Gift Picks

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16 this year and here are some curated top gift picks that dad will love! Check out our complete gift guide for Dads here for even more Father’s Day gift ideas.

Time Well Spent The Sharon Nowlan Collection

Celebrate your special bond with Dad by sharing this serene representation of family and togetherness. This is wall art that evokes deep, sentimental emotions and joy. As a gift, Time Well Spent Wall Art by The Sharon Nowlan Collection is a unique and lasting expression from the heart. This piece of framed wall art distinctly captures the joy of spending time with a child, parent, or another beloved person in your life. Sharon Nowlan’s wall art is a sentimental gift for that adored person in your life.

Automotive Multi Tool

This Automotive Multi-Tool is a great gift for men or anyone who drives. Keep this life-saving multi-tool in your glove compartment to be prepared for many automotive dangers. The Man Gear Collection of tools provides solutions to everyday and out-of-the-ordinary challenges. Includes an LED light, compass, tire gauge, glass breaker, and seat belt cutter to cover regular maintenance, getting lost, breakdowns, accidents, and floods.

Automotive Multi-Tool and Multi Tool Disk

Multi Tool Disk

This Multi-Tool Disk is a great gift for men or those with a handy side. They’ll love the variety provided by this tool: a knife, multiple screwdrivers and wrenches, a ruler, can opener, bottle opener, compass and more. It’s convenient and exciting to have a multi-tool for tackling life’s problems and this one includes a well-rounded selection of 15 tools. The Man Gear Collection of tools provides solutions to everyday and out-of-the-ordinary challenges.

Marsh Bull Moose Photo Frame Dean Crouser

Brighten a captured memory with this colorful Marsh Bull Moose frame. An easel-style photo frame, it accents home or room décor on a tabletop or shelf. This keepsake-quality frame is something special to pass on for a special occasion or a just because gift. Dean Crouser’s nature-inspired artwork lifts the spirit with vibrant color palettes and authentically captured animal and flower subjects in a variety of decorative and functional formats.

Executive Wood Dice and Card Set

This handcrafted table game is an easy diversion from a work routine, offering a variety of gaming options with two decks of cards and five dice. Made of solid wood and brass, and beautifully housed in a keepsake-quality box, this piece makes a perfect appreciation gift or something special to pass on to the next generation. The Man Gear collection captures an easygoing, outdoor spirit for indoor living through a wide-range of functional and decorative pieces. From convenient multi-tools to recreational mini-escapes of finely crafted wood and brass tabletop game sets, each piece is designed to make life inside more leisurely.

New Dad Sculpture

Willow Tree®

A gift to celebrate new beginnings, new babies, new families… and the loving relationships that develop between parent and child, grandparent and child… Willow Tree is a reminder of someone we want to keep close, or a memory we want to touch. Hand-carved figures reveal their expression through body gestures only… a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body. Each piece is designed to be open to interpretation from the viewer. “Willow Tree isn’t so much about the tangible piece. It represents an emotion, or it marks a memory.” –Susan Lordi.

Father and Daughter Sculpture

Willow Tree®

A gift to celebrate the loving relationship between a father and a daughter, this piece by Willow Tree is a touching depiction of that unique bond. An uplifting tilt of the daughter’s head shows how much she admires and looks up to her special dad. This is a gift that says so much with the slightest of gestures and carefully carved details.

Tap Into Your Potential Steins

This line of men’s gifts provides inspiration to “Tap Into Your Potential.” These are high-quality ceramic beer steins in simple white with bold graphics and sentiments that make great gifts for everyday celebrations or special occasions. Dad will love the solid construction and hearty feel of a Tap Into Your Potential beer stein. Available in multiple designs.

Big Fish/Small Fry Cap Set

Encourage family fishing time with a fun pair of matching hats for father and child. Children may want to give the Big Fish/Small Fry Cap Set to their fathers for father’s day or fathers may want to give it to their children any time. Either way, it’s an excellent invitation for family fishing time.

Big Fish/Small Fry Enamelware Mug Set

The new edition to our Camp Ware collection highlights the relationship between father and child and the experiences they enjoy together. Each set includes a dad-sized and kid-sized mug in ready-to-gift packaging. These fun mugs make sharing a hot beverage with dad an extra special moment. A set of two blue mugs with white text and a black rim. One says, “Big Fish,” the other says “Small Fry.” Great for everyday use, special occasions, or an uplifting memento for a loved one in a time of need. Also, a thoughtful gift for Father’s Day.