Sharon Nowlan Art Handcrafted in China

Posted Sep 27th 2019

Many of DEMDACO’s fine art reproductions are handcrafted by skilled hands in China, where we’ve done business and built strong relationships for more than 20 years. The photos below feature artisans working on reproductions of artwork from the top-selling Sharon Nowlan Collection at a factory in Shenzhen, where they also make our Art Hearts.

We search for factories all over the world that can achieve high-quality reproductions by employing highly-skilled craftspeople. In addition, we look for safe working conditions, fair pay, and people with whom we can build lasting relationships. It can be challenging to find all these qualities, but DEMDACO has been lucky to work with some great manufacturers that we’re proud to consider our partners.

The factory in these photos is a busy environment, with three workshops and 80 workers, all creating with a high level of skill and precision, while also chatting and interacting in a very collegial way. This particular factory produces approximately 5,000 pieces of Sharon Nowlan’s artwork per month.

We found that workers are very proud of their work and approach each task with a high level of personal ingenuity.

This man is hand-shaping the edges of the frames that hold the art. He diligently checks each piece for continuity and quality of intricate details.

Out on the floor of the factory, there’s a unique camaraderie between co-workers. Here, one looks over the work of an employee who is proud to demonstrate how he lays out materials for one of Sharon Nowlan’s designs.

The people working in our factories are skilled artisans who come up with creative and innovative ways to do their jobs. This is important when it comes to making the best possible reproductions of our artist’s works.