DEMDACO® Celebrates 10 Years of Working With Artist Kelly Rae Roberts



Peter Friedmann

Vice President of Product Development and Marketing, DEMDACO®

DEMDACO®, the Leawood, Kansas-based gift company specializing in uniquely-curated artisan works, is proud to celebrate 10 years of working with top-selling mixed-media artist Kelly Rae Roberts.

In 2008, Kelly Rae Roberts was a medical social worker with a thriving Etsy shop on the side, where her deeply inspiring mixed-media artwork was on display and in-demand. The audience for her colorful, lighthearted creations grew to include members of DEMDACO’s Product Development team, who contacted Kelly about licensing some of her work.

After learning more about DEMDACO and meeting its owners Demi and Dave Kiersznowski, Kelly’s first line of licensed wall art became available at the January 2009 Gift Show, where it was pleasantly well-received. Her work conveys the joy, comfort and love that connects DEMDACO’s diverse portfolio of products, but at the time, Kelly’s uniquely-inspirational, mixed-media style stood out from the company’s other offerings.

In the 10 years since Kelly joined DEMDACO’s community of artists, the relationship has grown as her signature works of vibrant, mixed-media paired with soulful sentiment are translated onto home accents, fashion and jewelry, sweet baby gifts and more. Her latest creations, focused on “Soul Care” provide a fresh, uniquely positive experience that complement’s DEMDACO’s

“Ten years is long for any relationship,” she said. “Keeping the momentum is a real joy.”

DEMDACO will host 10th Anniversary Celebration events with Kelly during winter shows at its showrooms in Atlanta on Thurs., Jan. 10, 2019 from 3-5 p.m., and in Las Vegas on Tues., Jan. 29, 2019 from 1-3 p.m. Kelly will also conduct live art demonstrations during the celebrations.

At DEMDACO, we’re privileged for the opportunity to work with artists like Kelly. Still a social worker at heart, her artistic expressions convey a desire to help others with emotional expressions of hope, possibilities, healing, strength, and self-care. As this partnership continues to evolve, we all look forward to seeing what Kelly creates next.



For more than 20 years, DEMDACO has designed and sold giftable products intended to “Lift the Spirit”—in times of celebration, when comfort is needed, or just to put a smile on someone’s face. The hand-curated artisan gifts it develops and distributes are chosen for their potential to help people nurture goodness in the lives of others, celebrate family and friends, and encourage people to treat themselves.

DEMDACO partners with artists representing a wide-range of styles and mediums, and whose work is consistent with our values. Products are curated through this filter, then carefully reproduced by skilled craftspeople around the world. Under the DEMDACO brand, product categories include Gifts, Home Décor, Entertaining, Fashion, Baby, Holiday, and Outdoors. DEMDACO also maintains a partnership with artist Susan Lordi, offering her popular Willow Tree® sculptures.

Based in Leawood, Kansas, the company is named for founders Demi and Dave Kiersznowski, who believe that business is not merely a financial endeavor, but first-and-foremost a human endeavor. This philosophy guides business decisions; informs how the company interacts with colleagues and customers; provides a framework for philanthropic work; and leads efforts to create a dynamic workplace.

DEMDACO has showrooms in three locations –

Atlanta – Building 2, Suite #685

Dallas – #1418TM

Las Vegas – C 996

For more information about DEMDACO products, please contact Customer Care by phone at 888.336.3226, email, visit or visit a DEMDACO showroom.

DEMDACO products are represented by OneCoast, the nation-wide sales and marketing company.

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