Provide Emotional Comfort

In times like these it’s important to lean on support systems and prioritize self-care. For those who are young or young at heart, our cuddly plush and emotional support stuffed animals offer a constant source of comfort and calm. Stress relief gifts such as cozy blankets, soothing loungewear and more can grant much needed permission to sit back, relax and breathe. Our calming gifts will soothe your body and mind, empowering you to begin the day with renewed confidence and joy. Browse DEMDACO's gift selection and brighten your day with a comforting hug and uplifting sentiment.

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  • Giving Bear sits facing the camera with his note attached to his chest. Fur is brown and tinged light blue
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    Giving Bear 16"

  • Front view of dark hair woman wearing cream wrap

    Cream Giving Shawl - Giving Collection

  • A woman in a white blouse and dark denim jeans, wearing a taupe "Giving Shawl".

    Taupe Giving Shawl - Giving Collection

  • silver heart with gold detailing reading You are Loved

    You are Loved Heart Token

  • Close view of woman's hand wearing a leather bracelet with multiple heart shaped charms in gold and silver.

    Heart Bracelet - Giving Collection

  • Light grey stuffed teddy bear sitting up holding tan keepsake bag that says 'loveable, huggable. always in my heart' above red heart

    Mini Giving Bear 8.5" - Love

  • standing woman in white top and jeans wearing knee length sage plush fabric vest with her hands in vest pockets

    Sage Giving Shawl - Giving Collection

  • A woman in a white blouse and dark denim jeans, wearing a light pink "Giving Shawl".

    Pink Giving Shawl - Giving Collection

  • A woman wearing blue denim jeans, a white button-up blouse, and a gray "Giving Shawl". Against a textured charcoal background.

    Charcoal Giving Shawl - Giving Collection

  • A black leather bracelet with 12 charms, 6 with gold crosses and 6 of silver crosses. The bracelet has an adjustable silver lobster clasp.

    Cross Bracelet - Giving Collection

  • Remembrance


  • Close view of light blue giving shawl with woman's arms inside

    Light Blue Giving Shawl - Giving Collection