The Animalcraft® collection of soft, cuddly animals is a family favorite because children ADORE them. The realistic details, soft fur, and expressive designs provide years of fun-loving hugs. The latest addition to the bunch includes the Parent’s Love pairings of baby animals tucked in the warmth of parent’s soft arms. Kids will delight in this sweet collection of baby animals—nestled in the arms of their parents.

Young girl playing with stuffed dog animal next to gray dog

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  • Small stuffed golden and white dog

    Corgi Small

  • Small laying down golden wrinkly dog

    Bulldog Large

  • Close up of front view of stuffed tan cat laying down

    Maine Coon Cat Large

  • A light brown Chorkie Mix plush dog in a sitting position.

    Chorkie Mix Rescue Breed Plush Toy

  • White/black/brown sitting up stuffed dog animal

    Bernese Mountain Dog Beanbag

  • Small white stuffed dog animal sitting up

    Bichon Frise Beanbag

  • Out of Stock
    Light brown stuffed dog laying down - front view of its face

    Labradoodle Large

  • Small stuffed brown and white shaggy sitting dog

    Maltipoo Small

  • White/grey stuffed dog animal sitting up

    Wolf Beanbag

  • Out of Stock
    tan llama stuffed animal

    Llama Small

  • Light brown stuffed dog - long body and short legs

    Dachshund Beanbag

  • Light grey/white stuffed dog sitting down

    Schnauzer Beanbag

  • Side view of white stuffed dog animal laying down

    Bichon Frise Large

  • mother and baby stuffed light brown stuffed animal dogs

    "You and Me" Yellow Lab and Pup Plush Toy

  • Two stuffed black bears with light brown mouths walking towards each other

    Black Bear Small