Peri Woltjer

Add a pop of color to your home with Peri Woltjer’s door hangers from DEMDACO’s Screenings collection. With an interest in unusual artistic expressions and mediums, Peri drew inspiration from an everyday house item—the screened door. By manipulating and painting aluminum metal screens, Peri Woltjer turns the whimsical images in her head into three-dimensional decorations that can brighten any home or workplace.


Peri Woltjer next to her work

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  • Flat flower pot placemat - mat is white/black striped - three tulips are coming out of the top - one is yellow, one is red, and one is pink - all dotted

    Screenings Flowers in Vase Door Hanger

  • A black and white striped vase door hagner, with three flowers - yellow, blue, and red. Each with gold glitter centers.

    Flowers in Striped Vase Door Hanger

  • Stack of orange/white/green pumpkins token

    Screenings Stacked Pumpkins Door Hanger

  • Snowman with black and white polka dot hat, pink and red scarf, 4 black buttons, and white and striped heart

    Screenings Snowman with Heart Door Hanger

  • Front view of white bunny stand with pink ears wearing flower collar

    Spring Bunny with Flowers Door Hanger

  • A red heart shaped door hanger with white polka dots and 8 multi colored spiral flowers with 2 green leaves on each.

    Heart and Flowers Door Hanger

  • A white wreath door hanger with black polka dots, 5 multicolored spiral flowers with green leaves, and a yellow and white polka dotted bow.

    Flower Wreath Door Hanger

  • A large pineapple door screen hanger with a black and white plaid bow tie.

    Pineapple with Bow Tie Door Hanger

  • A white snowman door hanger with two wire red mitten arms, and multi colored and multi patterned scarfs.

    Colorful Snowman Door Hanger

  • A white snowman head door hanger, with a black and white polka dotted top hat, and a striped green, orange, and pink scarf.

    Snowman Head with Scarf Door Hanger

  • A snowman head shaped door screen hanger.

    Jolly Snowman Door Hanger

  • Red and white door hanger shaped like Santa's hat with the word Believe

    Santa Hat Door Hanger