Johannah Miller

Johannah Miller began creating art as a child, when she received a simple piece of paper and a pen from her mother, also an artist. She studied ballet and music, but decided to focus on illustration and design, further developing an interest in ceramics and textiles and how to combine different mediums. Johannah strives to make lasting objects that help people feel joy. That joy can be because it is something they find functional day in and day out, because it was a gift from someone special, or simply because they find it to be beautiful. Her work can be found in the Crossroads Collection and the Just Because Collection.

Johannah Miller next to her work of the crossroads

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    A scribble art drawing of a house with hearts inside with one colored in red, in a square wood frame.

    Stay Home Wall Art

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    A square wood framed scribble art of a house with a red heart inside.

    Heart-filled Home Wall Art

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    A square wood framed scribble art of a paw print with a red heart inside.

    Pawprint Wall Art

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    A wood framed art piece that says "home is wherever you are" with a red heart at the end.

    Wherever You Are Wall Art

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    A white Art Heart with a brushed gold inner lining. Outside is white with a drawing of a dog, and reads all you need is love and a dog" in black script."

    Dog Love Art Heart Keeper

  • Stitched Heart Wall Art

    Stitched Heart Wall Art

  • Cat Love Wall Art

    Cat Love Wall Art

  • A simple line drawing with two "roads" connecting at a home with a red heart in the center placed in a wooden frame.

    Crossroads Faith Wall Art

  • Love Notes Pillow

    Love Notes Pillow

  • Heart Stitch Pillow

    Heart Stitch Pillow

  • Forever Wall Art

    Forever Wall Art

  • Family Circles Wall Art

    Family Circles Wall Art