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  • Six mini wood serving boards with different cute saying on them and each with an attached wood knife.

    Mini Wood Serving Board - 6 Assorted

  • Front view of figure in cream dress carved with symbols of nature with wire wings, hands folded at chest around gold heart, ornament hook on head

    Remembrance Ornament

  • wine bottle stopper with silver carved heart on top

    Heart Wine Stopper

  • A set of three ivory bowls, each with a brown base. One reads the other" with a green center. One reads "that" with a gray center. One reads "this" with a dark blue center. All placed on a wooden tray."

    Serving Bowl Dip Set with Wooden Tray

  • a tree, a prayer Memory Box

    a tree, a prayer Memory Box

  • Clear, rectangular glass dish is separated into two halves. Raised edges with a space at the top in between the two halves for a Pop In

    Pop In Rectangle Divided Dish

  • Front view of standing female figure with shoulder length brown hair wearing cream dress, holding white dove on hand

    With sympathy

  • A ceramic, emerald green, rectangular spoon rest with if I have to stir it, it's homemade.""

    It's Homemade Rectangle Spoon Rest

  • A left facing view of an illuminated red and light wooden wine box that reads "the best wines are the ones we drink with friends".

    Wine & Friends Lantern

  • wooden cutting board with White Wine Spritzer recipe etched in and corkscrew tied to it

    Antiqued Brass Finish Wine Opener

  • A dark wood tic tac toe board with light wood pieces that come in a black and white plaid fabric drawstring bag.

    Lets Play Tic-Tac-Toe Set

  • Rectagnle 'good times good friends' plate

    Good Friends Good Times Platter

  • PeeWee Collection - Red Flower Vase

    PeeWee Collection - Red Flower Vase

  • white ceramic round with pointy stem reading Make a Wish on front

    Make a Wish Cupcake Topper

  • A stack of light washed wooden domino pieces, each topped with colored dots. Placed in two piles around a green and white chevron drawstring bag that reads dots to dots dominoes set"."

    Dots to Dots Domino Set