Whitewashed Wood Heart Ornaments - 3 Assorted

Poetic Threads Holiday by Lori Siebert

The white scent of Christmas kisses metals and woods with a collection within a collection of White-Washed design. Snow meets within the tropical grains of mango wood to make for a trio of hearts to surround you this year! The White-Washed Wood Heart Ornaments are an assorted mix of one of the most earth-friendly wood of all: mango. Once disregarded as waste as it met its maturity, the mango wood now lives on in decorative spirit for your family. The variations of wintery tints are met with the story of how its family came! With three stages of design from: from single grains to a floral couplet finishing with the complete bouquet, it is clear to see that their snowy spirit really makes love bloom!
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