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Comfort Jewelry Aromatherapy Beaded Bracelet in Gold

Soothe the senses by wearing the Comfort Jewelry Aromatherapy Beaded Bracelet in Gold. This golden wire bracelet boasts a single lava rock bead that absorbs and releases the scents of essential oils all day long. Apply a single drop of essential oil to the oval lava rock bead. It will slowly release aromatherapeutic scents throughout the day. Self-care is the key with our line of accessories from the Comfort Collection. DEMDACO offers a selection of all-natural, chemical-free products to assist in the quest for peace and relaxation. Whether in search of the perfect exfoliator for your delicate skin or seeking aromatherapeutic support throughout the day, this line has the essentials to meet your needs. The nearly black lava rock serves as visual contrast to the brilliant gold bracelet.
  • Size: 7"long (adjustable)
  • Materials: brass, metal, stone
  • Sentiment: Dear Wonderful You... Take a moment for yourself. Simply pause and breathe. In with the calm, confident energy... out with anything holding you back. Breathe in, breathe out. Move forward. Remember to always put yourself first, just as you deserve.
  • Copyright: © 2020 DEMDACO
  • UPC: 638713526229
  • Adjustable.
  • SKU: 1004130281

Growing up in Korea, Esther Yi had the drive to be a designer at an early age. She began throwing away the clothes that came with her dolls to make her own instead. Today, she strives to create pieces that convey messages of self-care and confidence that recipients can intuitively feel. Esther’s talents lend to DEMDACO collections like Giving, Comfort and Your Journey. Each has in common their functionally fashionable and comfort-chic appeal. About her process, Esther says, “I get inspired w hen I see old textiles, trims and fabrics. I’ve always loved the idea that you can take a flat piece of fabric and turn it into something completely different by piecing it together.” Esther has two daughters who encourage her creativity. She say s, “We are always sayingto each other ‘You can make that.’” As a DEMDACO fashion designer, Esther believes fashion can be about beauty and comfort and should include elements of self-care. That’s what she communicates through her work, sayi

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