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Brave Soul Heart Sculpture

The Brave Soul Heart Sculpture is a beautiful heart-shaped sculpture that features a striking paper mache finish and a handmade feel. This unique piece is designed with a minimalist mindset, making it ideal for coordinating with all different types of home decor. Sentiments across the sculpture read: "Survivor, Brave. Strong. Beautiful soul." This sculpture will make for a lovely addition to any home, resting atop any surface for a heartfelt reminder to stay brave in all things. A part of the Kelly Rae Roberts Collection, this piece celebrates the beauty and strength found within each one of us, providing encouragement and a gentle reminder that you are loved. This piece will make for a wonderful uplifting gift for any loved one, neighbor or friend.
  • Size: 4"w x 5"h
  • Materials: paper pulp, plaster, paper
  • Sentiment: Survivor, Brave. Strong. Beautiful soul.
  • Copyright: © 2020 Kelly Rae Roberts for DEMDACO
  • UPC: 638713535177
  • SKU: 1002720511

Artist and author Kelly Rae Roberts says she’s “obsessed with possibility.” A former medical social worker, Kelly began exploring her artistic potential at age 30. Through painting, shredding and crafting, she found renewal. Soon her artistry b lossomed as her uplifting story reached women across the world. Kelly's work —colorful mixed media paired with soulful verse —includes fashion and home accessories like her signature angel figurines. Kelly compares social work to making art, citi ng common threads like “listening, healing and navigating messy emotions.” She says she still has the heart of a social worker. The compassion Kelly has for others shines in her art and its message. She says, at the core of that message is self-c are: “Self-care is an essential and worthy practice for our creative hearts. It’s how we receive our wisdom and higher guidance.” Empowering women outside her art, Kelly develops e-courses and hosts retreats. She explores what it means to craf

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