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Do Something Funny Dice Set

Relaxation is all about the company. Quiet nights in or evenings out matter most when enjoyed with the people we love. Enliven those moments with the Do Something Funny Dice Set that uncorks a little something extra for unwinding and gifting.
  • Size: 2"sq.
  • Materials: wood composite
  • Sentiment: Name 10 types of wine, sing your favorite song, give a toast, name 8 different cocktails, describe what you've done today, name 5 different brands of beer; While standing on one foot, with a British accent, while looking very surprised, while only making animal noises, with a southern drawl, like you're terrified; And jiggling your eyebrows, without blinking, while blowing kisses, without ever closing your mouth, and in circles spinning, worlds biggest smile.
  • Copyright: © 2021 DEMDACO In-house for DEMDACO
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  • SKU: 1004080253

demdaco in house

Our talented group of creative individuals specializes in crafting home goods, kitchenware, jewelry and more that add meaning to life's simple yet extraordinary moments.

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