Your Journey, Our Stories: DEMDACO's Collection Spotlight

Posted Feb 9th 2022

Everyone's story is unique, yet connected to another in some way. 

(Updated May 2023)

We travel along life's path and experience our own adventures that shape who we are. The storms we weather, the occasions we celebrate, the quiet moments when we rest — they're all apart of our journey... your journey, and that's what inspired our team to create the Your Journey collection over five years ago. 

Your Journey Blankets

We chatted with Stephanie, Director of Product Management, to reminisce on the designing of this beautiful collection, which includes scarvesblankets and more!

"We wanted to include products in the collection that women could always carry with them," Stephanie said. "The Your Journey Bracelets actually have a strand and a special bead for each day of the week. With the addition of the Your Journey Layered Necklaces, we’ve added one more way to have a meaningful piece of jewelry that literally can be worn every day of the week. With the creation of the original Journey Bag and the subsequent additions to the bag collection – we picked these products as the perfect partner to the message itself of “Your Journey.” Just as every journey is unique, so are the fabrics used on the Your Journey Bag. It’s significant that you will find variations, though in the same color family, on the bags we design. The varied fabrics used on every piece celebrates each woman’s unique story and path."

When asked how she hopes this collection inspires the receiver, Stephanie answered:

"The varied fabrics on the bags and the various colors in the bracelets reflect our individuality. I hope each woman that receives one of these gifts, or purchases one for herself, is inspired on her life’s journey through the reminder we're all connected."

Stephanie also shared fun behind the scenes insights and stories!

"The process of collaborating on the unique message and design construction, for the bracelet and the bag, to make the launch successful was very enjoyable. Additionally, both the bags and the bracelets are two products in our line I enjoy giving as gifts to the women in my life. I’ve given the Your Journey Weekender to my daughter and her friends as they’ve headed off to college – it was the perfect graduation gift! I also gifted the same bag to my book club to carry on our first ever “book club trip” – 12 ladies traveling from Kansas City to Scottsdale, Arizona all carrying the same bag was a fun sight to see!"

Your Journey Overnight Bag

"A fun, little backstory on the Indigo Weekender Bag: the idea derived from thinking of the many denim jeans a woman has in her lifetime, the memories they bring and how it reflects strength and diversity on her journey. We collected jeans from women in the office (all across the company) and asked each woman to tell their stories about the jeans and what they meant to each of them. It was great inspiration and we collected quite a few jeans that we donated after the introduction launched!"

Offer the women in your life extra encouragement with a heartfelt gift from the Your Journey collection. Let her know she's unique, special and connected to others in a profound way.