Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Posted Nov 4th 2021

Mr. Turkey says Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!

(Updated Sept. 2023)

One of our favorite things about this time of year is choosing how we're going to decorate the table for Thanksgiving. With so many beautiful aesthetics, choosing a table setting that's appealing and functional can be a holiday dilemma.

We've gathered a few versatile Thanksgiving table decor essentials that will help make your tablescape wonderfully eye-catching! Whether you're going for a natural, rustic look or an all-out fall-themed table, these ideas are sure to fit right in and make your meal extra special. 

The Centerpiece

Just like family is the center of this holiday, the centerpiece is the heart of your table setting, so choosing the right one is important. This year, try a multi-functional centerpiece that doesn't block your view or take up too much space! Each of these artisan items will help you serve your family recipes in style; plus, they make a wonderful statement in the middle of the table as they come with loving sentiments about the importance of gathering together.

Ceramic Family Dish

Ceramic Family Dish

Ceramic Bread Basket

Ceramic Bread Basket

A Vase of Flowers

You simply can't have a complete table setting without including fresh cut flowers. With a neutral tone and organic feel, these vases will add a level of charm to your decorations no matter what theme you select ... just add flowers!

Linen Texture Just Because Vase

Linen Texture Because Vase

Giving Vase - Cream

Cream Giving Vase


Make the atmosphere even more inviting with candles. Whether you want the candles to make a statement or be more subtle, candleholders are a wonderful way to make your Thanksgiving table decor extra fancy!

Turned Wood Candleholder SmallMedium

Turned Wood Candleholder Small

Wood & Iron 5-Votive Candle Holder

Wood & Iron Votive Candle Holder

A Table Runner

Inspired by the sweet moments of an at-home gathering, this table runner is the perfect decoration for spending time with loved ones. It's also a fantastic way to add some texture to your setting!

Gather 'Round Table Runner

Gather 'Round Table Runner

The Food

And of course, with Thanksgiving, you have to pay extra care and attention to the food. These artisan serveware options will not only display your family recipes beautifully, but they will also add a unique touch to the table. 

Family Blessings Platter

Family Blessings Platter

White Gather 'Round Platter

White Gather 'Round Platter

For more Thanksgiving table decor inspiration!