Practical Ways to Achieve Self-Care

Stay refreshed and rejuvenated with extra 'you time.'

(Updated July 2023)

We've compiled a list of our favorite ways to practice self-care. Even if it's just a quick ten minutes spent with a cup of tea, listening to a favorite song or taking a spin around the block, we want to encourage you to take time for yourself to enhance your well-being.

1. Take a Bath

We know everyone says that, but it's because it really works! Add some Epsom salts and you'll reach a level of relaxation you didn't know was possible. Even when spa time is over, you'll sleep better and feel better!

2. Enjoy Something Soothing

It can be anything from a morning cup of coffee to extra, comfy loungewear after a long day. We recommend our Comfort Collection items! Comfort is built into the name — how could you go wrong?

3. Start a Book

The key to this one is 'start.' Don't worry if it doesn't get finished within a short time period. Even if you just get to read for 5 minutes before falling asleep — just start reading. Plus, bookstore browsing is always great for relaxation!

4. Try Aromatherapy

Relax while you're being productive! This stone diffuser boasts a simple design to release essential oils. Apply a single drop on the stone and enjoy aromatherapeutic scents as you go about your day. Essential oils sold separately.  

5. Listen to Music

Researchers have a lot of data about music calming and soothing the mind, and we're here for it! We also believe in what it can do for the soul. The catchy, bass-driven music the kiddos listen to can be fun, but we're referring to something that makes your soul thrive; something that when it comes on you can't help but sing along with it.

6. Light a Candle

Let our candles quiet your mind. Made with soy wax and infused with essential oils, the ambience created is sure to make you smile.

7. Go on a Stroll

Walk along your favorite road and just listen to Mother Nature. She will inspire you like nothing else can.

8. Hit Pause

Ah, the coveted naptime. When we were babies, we hated it, but now that we're adults, we would give money to have naptime built into our schedules. Even if you can't take a nap, enjoy a cozy moment, hit pause and regroup. We have plush, snuggly pillows and throws that will provide maximum relaxation!

9. Watch the Sunset; Look at the Stars

How often do we look at the sunset or the night sky and think to ourselves, 'how beautiful,' yet we move on with our evening? Take time to enjoy the simple, aw-inspiring moments that speak to the soul and naturally give your mind a second to turn off.

All of our self-care items make great gifts. Encourage your loved ones to focus on themselves this year too!