Mother’s Day Gifting Made Easy

Why are mom’s the hardest to shop for sometimes? Maybe it’s because we’ve already gotten her everything under the sun; maybe it’s because you don’t want to just get her something that’ll collect dust; or maybe it’s because there simply isn’t anything good enough to say ‘thank you’.

We don’t claim to be able to pay mom back for all her love, care, support and guidance, but as far as a sweet, thoughtful, meaningful Mother’s Day gift goes, we think we have some good options for you!

Our favorite thing to give moms as a Mother’s Day gift is a gift basket! Then you don’t just have to choose one item, and she feels extra spoiled.

    Mother’s Day gift baskets can be intimidating because:
  1. How do you choose a theme?
  2. Does that mean I have to break the bank?

Picking a theme for your gift basket is less intimidating than you’d think. What are things your mom enjoys? Baths, blankets, candles, plants? You simply choose ‘little’ things your mom likes and always loves to receive. To spoil her, choose ‘nicer’ versions of things she likes, i.e., spring for the larger candle, the thicker blanket, all natural bubble bath, etc..

Because you’re purchasing ‘little’ items for her gift basket, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank, even if you opt for the nicer version of something she loves. 2-5 items will make a bountiful Mother’s Day gift basket that’ll make her feel seen and leave your budget happy as well. Just remember: these aren’t ‘big’ gifts combined; they’re happy smaller things that build upon each other.

Whether she’s a homebody, plant lover or enjoys a self-care evening, shop around and see what gifts we have for mom that she’s sure to love in her gift basket!