Kelly Rae Roberts Introduces Soul Care

Soul Care Wall Art

Own Your Joy Manifesto Wall Art

In addition to celebrating 10 years of working with Kelly Rae Roberts, DEMDACO is also pleased to release her new line of Soul Care artwork. These unique and vibrant sculptural pieces are designed to inspire and nurture our hearts and souls.

“It’s about releasing the guilt-fueled idea that soul care has to be expensive or time-consuming and instead,” Roberts said. “Filling our days with tiny micro practices that nourish, strengthen and care for us. Ultimately, the Soul Care Manifesto is about the healing that comes from pausing for a sacred second.”

Serving as a professional social worker for a number of years prior to her art career, Kelly Rae has vast experience in helping others on life’s journey. This new artwork features sentimental messages that encourage self-care, such as “permission granted to listen to breathe, rest and restore.”

Love and Compassion Wall Heart

In addition to wall art, angel figures and crowned heart sculptures, the Soul Care collection also features blankets and pillows that nurture the spirit through a restful, comforted body and mind, showcasing Kelly Rae’s signature whimsical artwork and meaningful sentiments. All new artwork speaks directly to the hearts of friends and loved ones or makes a special self-gift.

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