Introducing MARIL™ - A Luxury Fragrance Line

Inspired by goodness. 

Motivated to fill your space with fragrance. 

Produced domestically. 

MARIL™ fragrance by DEMDACO is now available! 

MARIL Candles

Long ago, in a place not too far away, there was a group of creatives who longed to give their customers the most innovative and unique fragrances. Scents that would fill their rooms, boost their mood and decorate their days with light ...

Thus, MARIL™ was born. 

It comes to life through immersive, engaging and unmatched fragrances that create the room filling scent experience you deserve.

Inspiration often shows up as “eureka moments” that arrive without notice to launch our hearts and minds in brand new directions. With MARIL™ though, the spark that started it all has been with us from the beginning. To know Marilyn Harre, DEMDACO’s Chief Inspiration Officer of more than 20 years, is to believe in goodness. Her unique ability to light up every room, connect with others and spread joy all around inspired us to honor her with this collection of vibrant and unstoppable fragrances. 

From partnerships with internationally renowned fragrance houses to ethically sourced, sustainably harvested ingredients and environmentally responsible materials, MARIL™ was thoughtfully and intentionally created to deliver a more perfect sensory experience.

Roses from France, citruses from Asia and vetiver from Madagascar – MARIL™ has searched the world over for the most premium ingredients available to craft immersive and room-filling scents that refresh, invigorate and make your home exactly the place you want it to be.

Each of our exclusive fragrances has been masterfully crafted to provide an exceptional experience. The MARIL™ Promise ensures every product will fill the room with fragrance – or we will replace it.

Available in five distinct formats: poured candles, wax melts, ultrasonic diffuser oils and two different sizes of travel candles. 

Our exclusive fragrances include:

Himalayan Citrus

Smoked Woods

Pink Pomelo + Aloe

Oud + Earth

Rose + Leather

Fresh Cut Flowers

Clear Blue Water

Vetiver + Timur Pepper

Lavender + White Sage

White Oak + Cashmere

Fill your home with fragrances carefully crafted for you!