Ideas to Make Gift Giving Extra Meaningful

During the holiday season, everyone is thinking, "What gift should I give to...?"

Our very own Marisa Lytle, Vice President of Consumer Engagement, was asked to join FOX8's Around the Alleghenies: Money Talks series to share her gift giving expertise!

In this segment, Marisa shared five ideas to help gift well, not just during the holiday season, but for any gifting occasion.

1. Start early & plan ahead. This way out of stock or shipping mishaps are avoided.

2. Shop smaller, family-owned businesses. Shopping local adds a sentimental flair to any gift.

3. Share your time. It's truly the best gift we can offer someone.

4. The thought and meaning behind the gift is more important than the gift itself.

5. Don't forget to reach out to neighbors, friends and family to lift their spirits! A smile and a wave can go a long way!

As a final note, Marisa added how she believes taking photographs of special moments and placing them in unique picture frames can be the most heartwarming gift. It truly is the little things. 

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!